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Ability to use multiple credit cards for hosting subscriptions

If I designed a clients website and they want to be hosted on Webflow, under my log-in, could I bill it using their CC? Or would I have to use my own then Paypal them the bill, etc.?

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Hey @seank we’ll be releasing a way for you to set up a site hosting subscription using your client’s payment information soon. But you can either:

  1. collect payment separately (via paypal like you mentioned)
  2. get your clients a free Webflow account and set up a hosting plan ($10 / site for Basic Hosting)

@brryant - Thank you sir! Keep on keeping on you guys are awesome!

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I’d also like to see more payment options other then CC. :persevere:

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I was super excited when I saw this topic get reopened a couple hours ago. Is there an announcement coming?

Hi @Cricitem, well there are two cases, case 1 where client billing is available in your country and second case where it is not yet available and being able to host subscriptions on different cards would be nice.

It is on the wish list :slight_smile:

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