To Webflow: Solutions for Client Billing & Workspace Changes

Without rehashing the entire conversations from other threads, the recent changes to client billing and workspaces are increasing costs and complicating workflows for Webflow designers. Having read through hundreds of comments from unhappy designers, it does seem that there are some other steps Webflow could take to ease these changes on its customers.

Client Billing: Make it easier for designers to set up client accounts and provide a designer level/editor access. This would give designers an option to avoid paying third-party billing fees and/or keeping a list of username and passwords for every client (never a good idea). If we can create accounts for clients, remain on their account as an editor, and not have to deal with billing, then removing the client billing becomes a non-issue.

Workspaces: While I can totally understand paying for more seats (and maybe even some advanced options), limiting the number of unhosted sites removes our ability to take on more than one client at a time. Your not only hurting us as designers, but shooting yourself in the foot at the same time. We cant bring in more customers to Webflow if we don’t have the space to do it.

To avoid designers creating multiple accounts (and they will), remove unhosted site limitations. At the very least, increase the number of unhosted sites to at least 5 on the free workspace plan. I don’t know of any other platform that limits the number of unhosted sites and this seems a shameful way of generating revenue. A better method of implementing limits would be to put a storage limit cap on free accounts.



Totally agree with this. I understand that images and/or video bg can rise costs of unpublished sites as WF have to pay for space. Setting a reasonable and useful cap make more sense to me then set very strict limitation for unhosted sites. I’m on Pro Plan so I do not mind this but I really do not understand these steps that WF doing in last few months. I have put WF on hold for now and wait and hope that I didn’t make wrong decision to choose WF.



Thanks @ArctypeCD for setting up this thread.

Considering we now need to collect hosting from our clients, it would be very helpful if we could pay for Webflow in our native currencies. Most major services charge for their services in currency depending on location. This would remove foreign exchange limits becoming a factor in client hosting collections.

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There is a lot of good sense in this. Well said.

@Smith-Cordell This does make sense, agree. But also @ArctypeCD 's suggestion of creating individual client accounts goes some way to addressing this I think as the yearly billing would rest with them.

Hi @gar68
I also agree with @ArctypeCD, but think with the role out of workspaces, Webflow is essentially suggesting adding an additional seat. I’m doubtful that either option is on their roadmap :crossed_fingers:

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Very good points! I often find myself trying to figure out the best way to set up new accounts and the limitations kill me. Clients don’t want to deal with internal Webflow stuff and having a default seat for a designer would make sense at least. Also, the limitations to try out websites are very annoying, designers need freedom to try out stuff and bring more clients to the table.

Another way Webflow should explore the benefit of making it easy for us Agencies, is we are essentially bringing you a new customer, the CLV [ Customer-Lifetime-Value ] to you could be easily $20 USD per month / $240 per year / 5 years is $1,200

and we are CHARGING you Webflow nothing to bring you a new customer!!! - It helps you to say that there are now 1.2 million webflow accounts, great for your marketing team.

What’s the latest @webflow updates where we can follow what they are doing after hearing what us customers think and are asking of them. I think I"ve been using Webflow for like 8 years now, since 2014 and been paying every month into the WEbflow bank account.


Yes there is sense in this. And there are precedents in the industry where you get paid a commission per client monthly for each you onboard. With those systems they were billed direct to client however which brings us back to the problem in hand.

I suspect this approach they are taking will reduce the number of new client sign ups.

But their focus is now on corporates, high value enterprise customers. So they don’t care.