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Is there a way to have multiple credits cards without Client Billing?

I work as an in-house designer for a company and use Webflow to make and manage several websites for the different brands that my company and our parent company own. But each of these brand websites need to be paid for by different people, whether it’s by my company or our parent company. My parent company isn’t really a client since they’re not really paying ME directly for designing the website (I get paid just by working here), they’re just paying for the hosting plans for a couple of the sites. Is there a way I can just have different credit cards paying for different sites so I don’t have to go through all this Tax ID stuff?

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Bump. I am wondering this, too. I am bringing my job over who hire me as an IC so that I can begin building them landing pages but I will be the one maintaining it so I really don’t need to make them a separate account. I’d like to just use my account with all of my other projects already there. I can’t use Client Billing as I need to be transparent about WHO is billing them, so it needs to say Webflow in the monthly statements they get.

I am honestly not that sure, but I believe that it is possible. Please take time to read this article as well for it might be relevant.

I have the same situation, is there any other option than Client Billing?