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Billing question: Multiple Credit Cards on file?

this possibly is an edge case / one off…but wondering how if possible it can be done.

My main client wants me to use their credit card for my account, they also have 2 hosting accounts. The reason for this is they were willing to partially pay for my webflow plan package b’c using mine saved them going the route of getting theirs, the upgraded one without the webflow branding. NOW, the client I guess wants to write off the full cost so I’ve put my whole account under his credit card.

Problem arises, when I want to buy a template for myself or another client, is there a way to have multiple credit cards

  • or - do I just have to hack the system and update to mine, buy a template, then before the monthly billing, bounce back to theirs?

cc @thesergie - any guidance / thxs

Why don’t you use client billing for the part they are paying for?

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Yes, that’s the only way to change the default card we use to charge for any purchases/subscriptions made on your account.

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