Adblockers recently effecting how Webflow hosted sites load, as well as the Webflow dashboard itself

I’m noticing that any sites that I/my clients have hosted with Webflow are being affected by adblockers. I’ve only noticed this issue in the last couple of days, but it seems to prevent sites from loading animations and interactions.

Is there anything I can do designer-side to avoid this issue? Because the only solution I can see so far is for every person who visits a site hosted through Webflow to manually whitelist the site on the adblockers. Which is a pain to have to explain to clients as to why they’re getting complaints that some people can’t load their website properly.

I just checked one of my sites using Brave. Brave shields were up and jquery was being blocked. Webflow currently uses jQuery 3.51. I compared the source served by Webflow against the version available from JQuery and there is no difference. The issue is at some recent point adding a ?site=xxxxxxxxxxx which Webflow does, triggers the flagging of the script as a tracker, thus the blocking. I don’t see the issue in Safari nor Firefox but I have not tested versions other than current.

I also confirmed that sites that are exported don’t have the ?site=uniqueID and don’t experience this issue.

So to fix this WEBFLOW needs to remove the parameter on all sites. While they are at it maybe they could also update jQuery.

@matthewpmunger - Please investigate this serious breaking issue on hosted Webflow sites.