Webflow CSS file on our site is getting blocked by AdBlockers

We deployed our webflow website recently. However we’ve noticed that AdBlockers are blocking the webflow CSS style, making our website for anyone with an Ad Blocker look terrible. We had the issue resolved by one Ad Blocker, but it seems like this is more of a WebFlow issue than anything else.


This is what our website looks like with an ad blocker:

This is what it should look like:

Webflow is not blocking the CSS your plugin is. I suggest you reach out to the author and have them correct the issue.

@webdev That’s the problem - they ALL are blocking it. We’ve reached out to a few, but getting them all to fix it just isn’t reasonable. Clearly something is happening that’s triggering them.

@AdCentral this is just a hunch, but I think they are all blocking the file because of the name of your domain. The CSS files for Webflow follow the general pattern of {{domain}}.webflow.{{random_string}}.css

Since your domain is called “adcentral” the file is being served as adcentral.webflow.{{random_string}}.css

I suspect that the ad blockers are seeing the “adcentral” part and blocking it. They have been known to block elements based on naming conventions (such as having “ad” or “advertising” in the name).

This is conjecture, but it does seem to be the most probable cause.


@justin_c your hunch was spot on! Changing the original webflow subdomain name did the trick and now we’re not getting block on any ad blockers.


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