Webflow is down!

Guys whats happening with a webflow??

Do you have AdBlock on?

Having the same issue for 30min, when I wanna open the Dashboard nothing appears, just a white screen. Console gives out an error “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘append’)”. Although websites are still online

I have the same problem, but AdBlocker is for me currently the problem. If you switch this off, it will work again. I hope Webflow will fix this soon.

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Same issue here, the scripts are not loading. The site is up and running luckily:

P.S.: I can confirm that disabling ad-block restore everything. All the scripts by Webflow are recognized as ADS by the ad-blocker


Experiencing a similar issue, but wanted to pitch in what I’ve learned in my testing.

I’m only getting this error on Windows.

My site remains live but I can’t access the dashboard nor Designer on my PC, and the lightboxes on the site (only interactive element I have other than page link buttons) are unresponsive. Even after disabling Adblock Plus, clearing cache, and deleting cookies these issues seem to persist.

All is working normally on Mac.

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This is a Webflow problem. Reference this post for the current workaround on broken websites. AdBlock Plus blocking jQuery and breaking Webflow!

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