AdBlock Plus blocking jQuery and breaking Webflow!

Hi everyone!

It seems like AdBlock is now blocking the jQuery script being loaded by default from webflow in every project. This causes native animations to stop working. Also, the Webflow seems affected by it now. Disabling AdBlock fixes the issues, but it still is a problem if a user visits a webflow’s hosted website as it won’t be able to see any animation!

I have the same problem. It also affects the Webflow Designer. I won’t open when AdBlocker is active. And since I also use JQuery for menu’s, these don’t work either. Users do not know that they have to disable Adblocker, and I don’t want to show them a popup, since I have no Ads on my site and visitors will leave when they see this popup (nothing is more irritating than a website pumped full with ads :P). I hope this problem can be fixed soon.


Correct the issue seems to affect every part of webflow.

As you said disabling adblock fixes the designer and dashboard but currently it seems that live websites are affected!

I also use jQuery for menus so I had to find a workaround, the temporary fix is to add manually jQuery from another source, just add:

<script src=""></script>

In the custom code section of your project :muscle:


it worked for me. thank you!

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Thank you! Worked for me.

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Wow, this is a major problem. It seems that any website hosted on Webflow with animation is broken for anyone with AdBlock. Is anyone at Webflow working on this??

@Emily_Lonetto @matthewpmunger Please look into this.

You can’t even log in if you have ADB+ installed on your browser.
I was freaking out for a moment.
Hope they fix this ASAP.

I am having the same issues including the backend editor being a blank white slate. I restarted Chrome, then my computer, tried a hotspot, deleted cache, and was about to start doing all sorts of other things before googling the symptoms a second time AND limiting results to the last 24 hours. Thankfully this exists.

So much of our company website contains a simple scroll-into-view slide-up animation that the issue makes virtually every single page useless. Just blank top of fold section after blank top of fold section across the site.

I wish there were some way of finding out just how many web visitors use Adblock Plus through GA4 or Clarity. But I doubt it.

Hope this is solved over the weekend.

FYI: Brave browser is also blocking the script unless Brave shields are down. The blocking is being triggered by Webflow including a ?site=uniqueSiteId parameter to the script.

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Same issue with regular AdBlock as well

Same issue - our navigation just stop working

Temporary fix solution:

  1. Go to your project’s Site Settings.
  2. In the left menu bar, click “Custom Code”.
  3. Paste in <script src=""></script> to the top of the “Head Code” code block.
  4. Click “Save”.
  5. Click “Publish”.

Same issue. Adblock blocks the dashboard and messes with site functionality and layout of published sites.

Adblock is affected as well - ABP and Adblock are separate products, though they do share some tech. However on my systems, I’m only seeing Adblock blocks on our Windows 11 systems.

I’m in the process of emergency-fixing 50 production sites. Not how I planned to spend my Sunday.

UPDATE - actually, crisis averted? In the middle of my migrations I was suddenly unable to reproduce the jquery block. I’m suspecting ABP has issued a fix. Keen to know if anyone is still encountering this.

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