Just found out something about ad blockers and using Webflow

If you use any sort of AdBlocker on any browser, you will get unexpected things happening in Webflow that will cause it to either not function properly or not function at all.

I was styling navbar links and I noticed it wouldn’t save the values after I clicked out of it. It would ONLY happen when I was styling the padding, everything else saved. I looked through a couple of forum posts with no luck. So I looked at my console and it seemed as though my browser was blocking assets and scripts. I disabled my ad blockers, and it worked like it should.

Bottom line is…

Everyone should be disabling their ad blockers while on Webflow or before you submit a bug report, check that it’s not on.


Thanks for sharing this valuable info @Jakev

I’ve noticed those problems as well, but I never would have guessed that it was my ad blocker. Thanks!!

Faced this issue on Chrome. Instead of completely disabling ad blocker (especially if you have adsense on your blog and you keep refreshing it after design changes - Google can suspend your account), you can whitelist the webflow.com domain.