About "custom domain"

Hey all!

I have a slightly amateur question (I’m still learning the whole website building thing).

I want to make a website for which I will buy a BASIC plan, since that is sufficient.

My question would be briefly and concisely: does “custom domain” mean that I don’t have to register a domain on another site (e.g. domain.com / godaddy) and pay for it separately, but I get it with the BASIC plan from webflow?

Thanks in advance for the answers to this question!

I am new to Webflow and to this forum.

A custom domain is a unique web address that you can purchase and personalize for your website or email address. Instead of using a generic domain provided by a hosting service (like yourname.hostingprovider.com, or yourname.webflow.io.com), a custom domain allows you to create a branded online identity (like yourname.com). It’s like having your own piece of digital real estate on the internet, making your online presence more professional and memorable.
I hope this helps!

Hey Jamey!

Thank you for your reply, but the question wasn’t exactly about that.