Disable 'Auto Select'

Use case - Try to change the text in [this Webflow project][1]:

You have multiple elements stacked on-top of each other, and one of them (not on the top of the stack) is a text element.
If you’ll try to change the text while Auto-Select is activated, you’ll see that it’s impossible - as double clicking on the element causes Auto-Select to select the element on the top of the stack.
Even if you’ll use the project’s tree to select the text element, and then double click on it, Auto-Select will still override your selection.

Allot of graphic design programs have the option to disable auto-select.
Pixelmator for example made it real easy by putting the option in the right click panel:

I’ve tackled this problem too many times to count,
and I would love for this feature to be included in Webflow!
[1]: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/disable-auto-select-proposal?preview=00b833e6bca7e0d83d574feefaf9d3b3


I would also LOVE the ability to edit text in element without needing to visually see the element in the design view. Similar to how the embed code works by being able to edit from the gear icon section.

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This is a major issue for me, too, and it’d be very helpful to have a working solution, especially when working with text.