Text fields without text is not accessible in the CMS editor

If the client, when using the editor, deletes all the text inside an text field, the text field is no longer accessible for the client in the editor. The empty text field shows in the Designer and new text can be added here, but not in the Editor.

When editing sites, clients often delete text by mistake and then have to contact me to add text back in. Annoying and time consuming!

The post has been closed, so I’m editing the original post. Got this tip from @Kieran_Hall :

I might have found a workaround, when you’re setting up your global classes if you give all of your Body All Pages, headings, text etc a minimum height of say 5px then it seems to allow selection after any text has been deleted in the Editor. Let me know if it works for you and if so I’ll report to Webflow and maybe they could set this as a default for all text-based elements.

BR Christoffer

Can confirm this is an issue, and occurs in different text field types (inc. headings, rich text, text links, buttons, text blocks).

For some text elements such as buttons and headings, a pencil icon is visible - but on clicking this icon nothing happens, and lots of errors pop up in the DevTools Console.

I have sent an email to Support with this issue.

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