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Issues with long text list

Hi, I really love that you can change text size, fonts and style in one single paragraph.

But there is one problem, and that is that when I want to select a text in a paragraph, I have to scroll until the top of the paragraph to be able to click on the tools to change the selected text. I am working with a long list, and this is killing me! Have a look at Stores and try to make a list by your self that is this long and have links and Bold/non bold text. Its a nightmare, I have to scroll up and down for every single change. Please, let the text edit tool follow the screen, so that its always near whatever text I select:)

Hey @Cas instead of using a paragraph element and adding a link inside that paragraph, why don’t you add Headings and Text Link elements instead? That’s the correct workflow for something like this.

Hi and again Thank you for the help, this forum is really great!!!

Yes, I completely agree, that would be the best way to do this:) The issue here, is that I all ready had this list on!stores/c2q4, so I wanted to just copy paste it over. And since I didnt planned to have links, the easiest way was to just put it into one single paragraph. But still, even without the links, going through the whole paragraph to change the header of the cities (Duty free, Oslo, and so on) was a hassle, since I had to scroll up and down the whole way down. So having the Text editor following the window screen and not having it fixed to the top of the paragraph would be great:)

The problem is for people with smaller paragraphs of text, every time they select text inside their paragraph, the panel will jump above it. It would be overkill to have this behavior when you are just simply editing and typing text. In your case I can see how it’s useful, but it’s more rare to have your kind of structure vs having a normal Heading and Link structure as I have pointed out.

Does that make sense? I hope the reasoning behind it.

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