A-Record, AAAA-Record, CNAME

Hello Everybody,

my client is using the provider “strato” for Domain-Services and Mails.
My Quetion: If I modify the A-Record / CNAME / AAAA-Record on Strato as explained in the hosting panel in webflow, will this affect the E-Mails of my client?

I dont want to risk lost E-Mails or they will kill me :wink:

Thank you in advance and greetings

You only have to add 2 A records and 1 CNAME record.

You can remove the existing A @ records and existing CNAME.

If you don’t remove other records in your client’s site domain config, you won’t break the emails.

PS Don’t forget the “.” at the end of the CNAME

Maybe you should not mess with their DNS settings if you don’t know the basics of it.
With that disclaimer in place; only MX records and a few TXT records generally relate to mail. A and CNAME records are usually not used for mail except for a webmail subdomain.

Edit; I don’t want to sound salty opening like this, but I’ve seen this go wrong so often and it unnecessarily damages the client’s trust. If you have a friend or relation that can quickly guide you through it with eyes on the DNS settings, that seems a safer option to me. If you don’t know anyone you can DM me (dont post the records here publicly!) the records and I can have a look together with you.

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You’re so right… ↑ this, a million times this :slight_smile:

I’m having a similar issue with strato. Webflow asks me to add 2 A records; strato only allows me to add 1 though :thinking:
I just added 1 and the page loads, but says the connection isn’t secure.

Any suggestions?