Changing DNS settings in cPanel for the new Webflow website; while keeping the cPanel emails working

Hi there! We are having a problem with the DNS settings with a client. Currently, their old website is hosted on a local server and the DNS records are in cPanel. The new Webflow website is working when I replace the old A records from the local website with the ones from Webflow.

The problem is that they are also running a domain email with cPanel on the server, and it seems that when I delete the A records for the old locally-hosted website, the emails stop working. I do not know what to do. For now I have done the following:

  • Replaced the old A @ record with the new ones provided from Webflow;
  • Deleted the record that pointed to
  • Changed the CNAME record with from pointing to @ to pointing to
  • Added the TXT @ record that points to; but also left a @ TXT record that for something along the lines “v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4” with about 3 +ip4 adresses (one of which is the address for the old A record for the last website)

I do not know what to change to keep the email working in cPanel, but run the website from Webflow with the new A DNS records. Thank you, any help will be greatly appreciated!

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STOP. If you don’t understand How services are configured with DNS and the dependencies you should not be changing records period. Incorrect changes get cached by other dns servers and persist until these caches are flushed which can be 8 hours or more. Meaning you can take the clients business offline. That is unprofessional. Time to hire one. Let me e know if you want professional assistance.

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Agree with @webdev. DNS settings shouldn’t be changed on a whim and definitely not by trial and error.