Email Solutions with Webflow Hosting

Hi everyone!

I’m having trouble identifying the best solution to a Situation and was hoping that you guys might be able to help :slight_smile:

Currently it looks like this:

I have a Project that has its Domain registered with Namecheap, its Nameservers point to my A2 Hosting acc, where there is a Static website and 2 Email Adresses that I just set up via CPanel.

From now on though, the website is hosted with webflow. I just added the necessary A Records and changed the Nameservers back to Namecheap Basic DNS.
But… what about the Email?
So far, it was super easy and free to add as many email Adresses/Mailboxes as I wanted to.
Can I still somehow use A2 Hosting for that?
Or is there any free solutions?
I just tested Namecheaps Email Solution but they want me to pay 1.11per month/per mailbox.

I might upgrade to Gsuite later, but for now something free or inexpensive would be good.
Thanks for any Help!


If you keep you A2 hosting, you can just use it for email and other subdomain services (ftp, webdav, etc. ) You would just configure DNS to point to webflow for the website hosting. DNS records can point wherever you want.

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Yes, that would be exactly what I want. I’m not quite sure how to get there though.
Before, I just changed to Nameservers to
Right now its back to Namecheap Basic so I can Edit the Records.

Would I just Add Records for the Nameservers then?
Woudnt that point the entire Domain to the A2 Servers again ?

I’m sorry for the noobish questions, reading about all this right now too.
But I really need to get these email Accs back ASAP :confused:
Thanks for the Help!

Edit: Hmm, things dont seem to work too well to far. and also show different things, www. gets updated if I change something in webflow and Publish, the root one does not and doesn’t have SSL.
Webflow says both are connected though.

Hi Jasper
I’ve got loads of sites where mail is hosted on G Suite and the site with Webflow. The domain is with a 3rd party registrar so its all sorted thus:

  • You need the registrar nameservers (They will be under the domain controls, not DNS)
  • MX records pointing at the mail providers (in my case its Google though yours will be A2)
  • A and CNAME records pointing at Webflow.

Once that is in place you can use it all in sweet sweet harmony. Don’t forget DNS changes take up to 24 hours, though usually quicker.


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Okay I decided to go with Zoho for now, changed the MX records and everything seems to be working fine now.
I knew about the MX records thing but coudnt find them in A2 Hosting. But Zoho is a more suitable solution anyways.
Thanks for the Help :slight_smile:

@0nul- Glad you came up with a solution that works for you. I am marking your last post as the solution.