Migrating to SSL: Do I ADD or REPLACE the CNAME and A records?

A very simple question, if I am enabling the SSL on existing published sites do I delete the old CNAME and A records or do I now have to have 4 A records and 2 CNAME ones? TIA

I think you shoud delete the old ones. Write down the values somewhere (or just make screenshots) for backup purposes, then delete the old records and add the new ones.

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@Roxzfr and @uzzer excellent question!

When moving to SSL you will delete your old records and replace them with new records. So you should only have two A Records on your root domain and a CNAME record for your subdomains (“www” is a subdomain).

Here’s our full guide on how to enable SSL hosting on Webflow hosted sites

Basically our non-SSL custom domain settings would be conflicting records so here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Remove your old A Records ( and, if you have other A Records on your root domain setup you should remove those as well as they are conflicting records)
  2. Add these A Records in your DNS settings, (set your TTL to 300 or the lowest available setting)
  3. For any subdomains (including the “www” subdomain) setup a CNAME pointing to proxy-ssl.webflow.com (multiple CNAME records for the same subdomain would be conflicting records)
  4. With this setup, your www version of your domain will need to be set as your default domain.
  5. Turn on the SSL hosting setting in your Webflow site settings under the hosting tab, and publish your site to your custom domain.

If you need to setup CNAME flattening (serving up your root domain over SSL) I recommend contacting your DNS provider to see if they support this functionality and you can read more about that in our SSL setup guide.

Please let me know if this is helpful or if you have any additional questions I am happy to help further :smiley:


Thank you @Waldo everything now working perfectly!

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