Link strato domain


I have a domain of strato. However, I have no idea how to link this to Webflow. I have an A parameter in Strato where I can deposit an IP address and a AAAA parameter where I can deposit an Ipv6 address. I can seemingly leave a link there. Does anyone know?

Thank you in advance!

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Hey @futuro_GBR, Did you manage to come up with a solution?

@futuro_GBR I am also trying to connect Strato with Webflow and only managed a http connection so far. Any Ideas?
Best, Christoph

Are there any updates to this? Struggling with the same issue. Strato is so frustrating…

Strato: It seems to work with just one A-record.
Then you need to add ‘www’ as a subdomain.
Finally, add the CNAME record via the option “TXT Records inklusive SPF und DKIM Einstellungen”.


Hi guys,

It’s pretty easy once you know where to be. You can install this the following way:

Once you are in the DNS Settings you can set up the first A-record of Webflow. The second one is more like a back-up server so it will work with just one as well. Strato doesnt offer a second input for A-records (which is weird right?).

If you have done this, you can configurate the TXT & SPF settings. If you click on configurate you will see the possibility to either select a TXT record OR a CNAME record. Add your CNAME record here and you are good to go.