403 Forbidden openresty

My site kanshigur.com was working for a while all of sudden last 2 weeks got 403 errors but only if i try kanshigur.com not if i try www.kanshigur.com

Here are my dns entries atmit

im using ionos for the domain registrar

TXT @ google-site-verification=fzpsY9cB_grJDqf2g8eKSmfFyuowfxsZhtyGDp1JdbM Domain Verification
MX @ mx00.ionos.com Mail
MX @ mx01.ionos.com Mail
A @ -
A @ -
TXT @ proxy-ssl.webflow.com -
CNAME www proxy-ssl.webflow.com -

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @wiztogo !

I’m not an SEO expert, but I think the problem might be the Host Name for your A records.

Try changing @ to kanshigur.com for both and see if that works :slightly_smiling_face:

problem is every time i get stuck with webflow it can take weeks to get the right response, i almost give up on webflow every time this happens, since i know whatever question i have will take long to get the right answer. and then website is down for a long time. but no i dont think that is the answer, based on webflow the a records need to point to to ipv4 addresses, entering kanshigur is not allowed, or any website for that matter.

Interesting! Is it showing any errors in the Custom Domains section under Hosting in your Project Settings?

Hi @wiztogo,

It looks like your CNAME record isn’t propagating: https://www.whatsmydns.net/#CNAME/www.kanshigur.com

I’d also recommend making sure that you set the www version of your domain as the default.

thanks. not sure why webflow then said to use the domain without the www as the default, but doing as you said, choosing www as default solved the issue i had with website down now for 3 weeks. tks.