Webflow + google domain No access, 403 Forbidden on @, and 404 on www

Hi everyone,

I just created a new website using webflow with a custom domain I just bought from google domain : othmanbenchekroun.com

I configured my 2 A records using IP addresses from webflow + cname record to proxy-ssl.webflow.com.
Website status shows no error on webflow, but I have Error 404 on www…com and 403 on othma…com

You help is appreciated

Hi Othman.

Pick either the 2 “A-records” or The “CNAME-record” There is no need to use both.

Maybe they are conflicting with eachother. So try removing the “CNAME-record” and see if that solves the problem.

Also. Did you make sure to publish your site to the new domain in the webflow dashboard? When you connect a new domain you have to press publish for the changes to show up.

If you want both the www and root versions of your domain you will need both the A records and CNAME record.

Make sure you have the www version set as the default domain and publish again.

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Thanks, I thought it would automatically publish to the new domain I just linked to the project, but apparently I have to check it when I want to publish. So I just had to publish again, thanks

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