Website Error 403 and 403 SOS


Our website has been running since March.

Last week I received an on screen notice from Webflow to update DNS settings - I don’t recall the content, but I followed the instructions.

Since then we have registered odd behavior and today nothing works at all. When opening the url:

I get the following message:


You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

We have tried with several browsers and several machines. No luck.

Our domain host (1&1) checked things out and told me that they are able to access things just fine.

What could be the problem? Please help!

P.S. The hosting provider mentioned the possibility of our routers IP address being accidentally being added to webflows black list?

everything is working on my end. can see the site just fine.

Everything is working juste fine here too.

it probably means you internet providers dns servers have not yet been update.

When you change an ip address… it has to propagate through the internet.

It’s generally gets updated from larger to smaller provider.

The type of TLD can also make a difference…

I’m not sure how fast .de updates… I would expect it to be very quick though.

If you use a smaller provider… it could take 48 hours to see the change.

Based on the TLD… we generally see our changes within seconds.

The DNS entry was made on Thursday, last week. As DragonDon and Ozaroth confirmed, they are seeing the page… this is good in terms of its reachability. It also mirrors what our domain host is seeing. But the rest makes no sense…

When I am in the Webflow designer and publish the changes I get the message when clicking on the icon that should take me to that page.

Dear Webflow staff, it would be super helpful if you could comment on this as well. I just don’t know what to do. We have emptied all caches on all browsers on all machines, time and again, we are not getting through to our own page.

…I think I solved it.

What I did was:

I went to the webflow hosting page and deleted the domains

I then re-added and made it the default domain.

What I forgot to mention is that I switched to the CMS hosting two days ago. I don’t know that that could have to do with it, but the timing fits…

I will observe whether it stays stable.

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