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301 Redirect "/" (home) to external page

Hi! I’d like to redirect ONLY the home page of a site to an external page, however the 301 redirects area won’t let me simply add a “/”. Is there a way to do a 301 for this? Thanks for your help!

Well this is really a unique edge case. Why would you want to do this?

Since you can’t rewrite the home page, the only way is redirecting via a meta refresh tag or JavaScript. However this is not the same as a 301 redirect SEO-wise.

Thanks for your answer @samliew ! We need to do this because our external page is a WebApp that replaces the current homepage but we still need all the ancillary pages (support, feature explanations, etc).

I already redirected via javascript but absolutely agree with you that it’s not the same (both SEO and user experience).

Any trick on the hosting side which you think I can implement?

Since you can’t do this with Webflow, perhaps consider self-hosting so you can only redirect the home page?