301 Redirect Home Page


Is there a way to redirect the home page?

e.g. i have a site www.mywebsite.co.uk and www.mywebsite.com/uk

I want to redirect www.mywebsite.co.uk to www.mywebsite.com/uk but because webflow creates the default page, it says that the page already exists and i cant redirect.

Note that there are more pages we have redirected successfully, but its just the home page we can’t because webflow creates a default page.

Try adding this to the /head custom code area of your home page;

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url='/uk'" />   

You’ll find some more notes on this here if you have a query string on your incoming request;

Thank you for your reply, i ended up using 301 redirect in webflow and put in /* which seemed to work.

:joy: That should not work at all… I’ll have to give that a try sometime.

Its the wildcard match (support ended up replying to my ticket and confirming this process)

I’ll check that out. In the documentation, a wildcard match would be /(.*), but this will also match all of your first level non-homepages e.g. /about. It will even technically include /uk, which is… weird, but probably ok. It would intercept the request, but then resolve it to that page anyway ( probably without a 301, since you cannot 301 to yourself ).

Interesting anyway, thanks for sharing.

100% agree with you based on the docs so i wasn’t sure it would work until we tested it :smiley:

Was happy so hopefully nothing changes!