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Redirect root of the website to subpage

I’d like to redirect the root of the website to a sub page, e.g. to redirect to

The intuitive way would be to set the old path setting to / but that’s not accepted. Any ideas?

Why not using meta refresh with a static URL?

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL='your_url/'" />

I’m not sure search engines handle that as well as a server-side configuration. I’ve read mixed information on that.

With 301 redirects using full URLs?

No, using Meta Refresh:

Meta refreshes do pass some link equity, but are not recommended as an SEO tactic due to poor usability and the loss of link equity passed.

Just for anyone who is looking how to achieve this within webflow,

you can simply add an asterisk after the slash and it’ll redirect the root domain to subpage of your choice. For example if you want to redirect your root domain to you’d type this:


Thanks a bunch @Rosta_Plachy

Hey! do you know how to add slug from parent folder in CMS because cms page has not parent folder features like static page. can you help me? i want to make slug like:- xyz/abc/def/ghi. there are cms gets defualt slug and i tried to redirect slug but it’s not working…