Redirection of a custom domain

Hi there,
I have 2 custom domains assigned to my website and need to set a redirection of the home page of one of the domains to another website page.

Just to make it simple let’s say I have and I would like to continue working while when users try to visit the home page of, they would be redirected to

so in other words:

Is that possible to achieve?

Ps. I use Namecheap, and when I just tried to set a redirection from, they told me that because I set my DNS records to Webflow I should do further redirections in Webflow.

thank you!

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The exact scenario you’ve described is not directly supported.
Here are the closest options.

Handle the redirects externally, e.g. at Namecheap, or a more versatile DNS like Cloudflare, you can control exactly what redirects where. You’d remove domain2 from Webflow and then setup the redirects you need via domain1 - however domain 1 will show, e.g. will redirect to

You could do javascript, where your homepage watches for requests to and redirects - however users will see a flash and redirect.

Webflow’s redirect feature won’t work for you because it will affect all domains.

You might be able to do it with a reverse proxy setup, but that’s quite a technical approach. Search the forums for more details on that.

hi Michael, thanks for the answer. do you know how I could do that javascript you mentioned? so that the homepage would specifically watch the request to and redirect users? because on Webflow the home page is the same for all the domains, but it means that when users try to access they would remain there, but if users enter then the javascript would see that and fire up?

You can use the window.location object in JavaScript to get the current URL of the page and then use conditional statements to redirect the user to a different page based on the domain.


// Get the current URL
const currentUrl = window.location.href;

// Check if the domain is ""
if (currentUrl.includes("")) {
  // Redirect to a child page of ""
  window.location.href = "";

omg, thanks so much!