301 Redirect - Home Page

Hello there,

is there a way to create 301 redirects from the home page to another domain?
I have my Webflow Page hosted on shapewear-test.de and I’m moving it now to shapewear-test.com. The old .de domain had German as its primary language and the new .com domain has English as its primary locale. I also want to 301 redirect all the .de subpages to the new .com/de subpages on the new page.

The pages are on two different webflow projects.

Thanks for the help!

It seems like a waste of money, but one option is to keep shapewear-test.de hosted and setup redirects for every page to the corresponding page on your .com.

Another approach is to move your DNS to cloudflare, or to a provider that gives you good page-level redirect capability. Cloudflare’s free plan gives you 20 redirects, which is probably enough to cover the important pages on your .de site.

I use analytics as a guide to identify where the SEO value is.

Hi Michael,

thank you so much for your answer! I kept the .de domain, disconnected the domain from webflow, created an empty Wordpress installation and 301 redirected all the links to the new .com page. But the traffic dropped by 80% over about a week. Do you think that it will balance out after some time?

After about a week the new .com domain only had about 20% of the traffic (coming directly from Google) so I disconnected the .de domain from the Wordpress installation and connected it to Webflow again. Now the organic traffic is picking up again.

I’m using GSC and Analytics to track the traffic. I’ve also told google of the page migration in the GSC.

Is there a way to send 301 redirects from my webflow hosted .de page to my other webflow hosted .com domain? Webflows 301 feature didn’t allow to redirect the / home page and also didn’t allow to redirect to other domains.

Could it be possible that the ranking of the .de domain dropped so much because it was a purely empty Wordpress installation? And would it maybe work better if I send the 301 redirects from a page with all the content on it like the current .de webflow page?

Thanks a lot for your help!

I’d guess something wasn’t working well- possibly your sitemap was blank or the redirects weren’t all working correctly, it’s hard to guess. You shouldn’t have seen the traffic drop overall- your new site should have maintained the same traffic level after the migration at least for awhile until it’s re-indexed and then SEO will adjust for your new site.

This is the approach I use- WP was a good idea, I usually build a reverse proxy and a redirect map for this.

Webflow’s redirects are limited, but you can redirect to other sites without problem, including most Wildcard redirects I’ve tried.

I’m fairly certain that the homepage can also be redirected. If / is not accepted, try a wildcard string like /?(.*)

Thank you for the answer! As soon as I use the wildcard string /?(.*) it redirects all sub-pages to the home-page. I’m not able anymore to link any other pages… they all go automatically to the home page :confused:

Make certain the ? is there- you might need to escape it actually, like /%?(.*).
Let me know actually, I may need to update my notes if that’s changed.

Hey Michael, it works without the “?”.
But as soon as I implement it for the homepage it also redirects all subpages to the homepage of the new .com domain. I’m then unable to redirect all the subpages.

Again, I really appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

Yes that’s what I’d expect without the querystring.
A /(*.) pattern matches every URL on your site.

Is there any way to redirect the home page, without redirecting every single subpage too?

If you’ve tried the patterns above and it’s not working, then no.
You could contact support and see if they have a new workaround.

Otherwise redirects would need to be managed externally to Webflow.

Unfortunately the pattern above with the querystring ? doesn’t allow any other redirects.