301 redirect splitting website in half help


To make it simple for example sake, we are splitting our site at the domain level.

Half of the “locations” will now sit on a new domain.


In the webflow 301 redirects, would I be able to do this?

It looks like 301 redirects are mainly for different pages on the same domain.

Here is webflow’s guide:

Yes, you can redirect request to external domains. It’s not commonly done, but I’ve never had any problems with it.

I’ve not tried pattern redirects with it, but you shouldn’t have any problems there either.

Can you further elaborate on what you mean please?

I would manually add redirects to different domains? So each “location” in my above example would simply go to a new domain.

I wonder how I’d do this in bulk…

Have a look at Webflow’s redirect docs, there’s a link on that settings page. In my tests, I can create a redirect e.g.


For bulk loading, install Finsweet’s browser extension on Chrome, and you’ll get a bulk import from CSV option on that page.