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Sharing a login under "Lite" Plan

Hi, as a sole trader web designer I am currently under the “Lite” plan to manage my client’s websites. I’ve needed to give my login to a developer for them to do some template work for me and notice at times I cannot login so assume we can’t both be logged in at the same time under this “Lite” plan.

I’m a sole trader with only one developer who needs to do some work for me on templates but as I’m getting busier we both will need to login at the same time and I keep getting ‘kicked out’ when I login.

I’m assuming that’s the reason I can’t login, would there be another issue? If it’s definitely the 2 people accessing the one login, which plan would be best considering I’m a sole trader? I guess I just need another login to my partner portal so we can both work on sites at the same time.


You assume right and it’s not only for the lite plan. You can have several sites open in the designer, for example, but from one computer/session at a time. Your login can’t be used at several places at the same time.

For people who need to log in the same “account” and access the same pools of projects, there is the Team plan. basically a plan you take on top of your personal plan. You’d have a free plan, your colleague too, and you’ll both put projects in and meet in the team plan. It’s a wee bit pricey though, I think it’s 70 a month. (yes 35 per seat)

Thanks for your reply @vincent

Oh my !!!

So I would need to keep my lite plan - or?
And then pay for two seats on top of this or only one extra seat? But I already have a ‘seat’ on my lite plan and pay $16/mth already… so I’d just upgrade that somehow? My colleague doesn’t need a free plan, they are only working on my sites so they need to come under my console as a team member.
What happens if we are both working on the site at the same time and saving our work at the same time? Is that do-able?
Scuse all the questions - I’m finding this pricing structure and options confusing.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Your observation is correct.

Vincent recommended the Team plan, which I agree.

If you are going for the team plan, you can downgrade to “Free”, get your developer to register for a “Free” account. Then you set up a “Team” and add both your “Free” accounts to the team. Then every account in Team costs $35 monthly.

You can also keep your lite plan if you wish, but I don’t see why you’ll need to, as each seat in Team gets the same features as a Pro account (which also costs $35/mo).

See and

Not possible at the moment. See

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Thanks @samliew

This sounds far too expensive.
I can only hope Webflow will restructure their pricing so it’s more affordable for small business.

Thanks again for your explanation.

It’s not well adapted to how you want to use Webflow, yes.
There are usages not yet covered by the plans: sharing a site with a client, being able to work on client’s account, and some usages for people who use Webflow for their own site, with only one main site and a few landing pages. For those, paying a team plan to be able to work together on only a couple of sites/pages can feel too expensive I admit.


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