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Best way to allow 2 people to access our site


We have recently started using Webflow but would like some advice about how is it best to set up so that both myself and the developer can work on a site or different sites at the same time. As currently we have log in and we end up ending each others sessions.

I am unsure if we need to set up an editor account or we need a team plan account. Any help on how other people have done this would be great.

We have activated and added an collaborator today. I have added my details for the editor on one project but the link on the email doesn’t ask me to set up a new account just a link to this project in editor mode where I can edit the content. Is this correct as the account details are the main details we log in?

In our account details it still has the status ‘invite pending’ but even trying to resend this still doesn’t send me to invite to activate my account. Is this correct?