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2 custom domains (gTLD + ccTLD)


I have my new site hosted in webflow with a .com domain.
The problem is that my old website was hosted with a domain (I’m from Argentina) and it was always in the first 2 or 3 top search results (in but now we are far away from that results.
We decided to move to .com domain last year because the business is growing and we are starting to sell our products worldwide, but it’s being a year now with the new domain and we didn’t expect this SEO results.

  • Is it ok to keep domain and have it redirected to .com?
  • Would this improve our SEO (for again?
  • Does the webflow price increase with more custom domains for the same site?
  • Should I keep both domains on GWMT or just one?

Thank you very much in advance!


PD: Also, we have set a GoogleAds campaign and our Ads only show when searching in and they have no prints when searching in
Is this also because of my .com domain or do I have something set wrong in googleAds? (I have the site target set to Argentina in GWMT)

Hey @bsqeffects great questions! When you have a hosting subscription on a site you can add as many domains for your site as you need without being charged extra. Just be sure to set a default domain to re-direct to:

Also make sure that you have your A records and CNAME pointed to your Webflow hosted site correctly as shown here: