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Webflow & SEO Country Targeting Questions

Hello everyone,

I have a few questions regarding my website & business and how to go about a few SEO things.

So I will be starting my own business this year and have build my website with Webflow. I am in Switzerland and will offer consulting services to multiple countries, mainly bc I have already contacts in Germany, Netherlands and the US (in addition to Switzerland). Currently, my website is just in English using a top level domain ‘.com’

In the beginning my clients will mainly come through contacts, but obviously I also want my website to be found, especially in Switzerland as this is where I am based. Besides using the right keywords on my website, what else can I do to be found in Switzerland? Are there any country targeting SEO settings in Webflow or any custom code I can integrate?

I guess one other point for country targeting would be to make my website multilingual, right? I also purchased the two top level domains for Germany (.de) and Switzerland (.ch) as I was planning on having my site available in two languages, German and English. If wanted to do this manually (without any external plugins), am I right that I would need to pay a hosting plan for each domain? Or is there any way to connect the other domains to my current hosting plan that I am using for the .com site?

Many thanks for any help!!

Only one domain per project / site, as far as common reason dictates.

SEO? Depends on the industry of course but “just write cool articles…”
Nothing special beyond what you can already find in Webflow educational resources.

Hi @Tomas_T, thank you for your answer.

So, when I want to make my website multilingual, let’s say I only keep the top level domain ‘.com’ and target speakers of a specific language by appending a URL parameter ‘.com/?lang=en-us’ for the US, would I still need to pay for two hosting plans then?

I think it’s just one plan per domain. You can research this more by googling the question.

I don’t think much of the lang parameter. But maybe there is a usecase for it.
All professional websites use subdirectories, unless I’ve overlooked sth.