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Help! Publishing from many to one domain without losing SEO?

Hi everyone, love your help.

My company started off in one country - Australia. And so we published to a address. We have since gone global so we now have a .com. Currently our website is being published to both - the identical content, just by using Webflow’s publish feature.

We know this is hurting our SEO, so we want to remove the and just park the whole site on one domain - the .com - going forward.

What’s the best way to do this? I read I needed to do 301 redirects - but not sure how that would work in this case.

Thank you in advance

ccTLD country code top-level domain (for intenational users) (For austraila)

Read more about ccTLD:


Subdirectory — Internationalized content is placed in a specific subdirectory, or subfolder, of a root domain. (For intenational users) (For austraila)

ccTLD vs Subdirectory?

In your case you give to both domains same content (So its not really international SEO) - but if you set this by google console its OK (You will not receive a warning about duplicate content).

without losing SEO

301 and seo:

All site redirect

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Thank you Sitons - very helpful

I think the path I will take is to use subdirectories

Therefore will make the .com our default domain

However, I’m still a little bit confused about what to do with our domain. Do I continue to keep it published in my Webflow project, with Webflow just redirecting everything to the .com, the new default? Australian visitors would then be funneled to .com/au?

Or do build a new website on the .com and 301 redirect everything to the .com?

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If anyway you won’t make diff content its dosent matter.

For :australia: it’s better to use .au . but no rules (look at google analitics, domain authority and so on).

Keep the old url for x time

Cheers thank you

Do you know when I create a domain as ‘default’ - is webflow creating 301 redirects for me for the alternative domains?

Yes. Webflow redirect