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Domain name issue


I have a question regarding Webflow’s hosting domain. I use webflow for my site and Dynadot for my domain name. I have my site up and running as (not the actual name of course), however I need it to be accessible as just as well. I have seen a tutorial, (Connect a Google domain | Webflow University), on something similar to this, however my concern is that by making the default on Webflow, it might affect my other domains on Dynadot which are not connected to Webflow that have also in them.

Any help will be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Hi @Ivana-Tosheva, thanks for the good question.

In general, only the root domain like and will be effected.

If you have other subdomains like, if you have an A Record or CNAME record pointed to some other server, that will remain unaffected by the A Record or CNAME record set for the root domain or www subdomain pointing at Webflow.

Now, in some cases, if you had your MX records pointed at a domain like, those MX records would need to be updated to point towards the server IP or url to the mailserver that hosts your email, for example if using Google Workspace, you would point your MX records away from to the Google Workspace MX records.

Each service that hosts your mail should have their own MX records that can be used.

If the current A Record for the domain is pointing to another hosting, that need to be removed and replaced with the A Record pointing at Webflow.

If your domain provider allows, you may also add a CNAME/ALIAS record to point the Root domain like at Webflow server In this case, you could also setup an additional A Record for to point at some other service IP.

If you have specific concerns about whether a specific domain will be affected but do not want to share that publicly here in the community, feel free to contact to Webflow support on the contact page, our team is happy to help check the dns records that are currently setup and share that with you privately.

Contact the support team here: Webflow Customer Support | Webflow University

I hope this helps

Thank you @cyberdave for this awesome answer, it was very helpful for me. I am very satisfied from the all Webflow team. Thanks again and have a nice weekend.

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