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Different Webflow forms to Zapier

I’ve connected Webflow forms with Zapier to send data to an external App (e.g. GoToWebinar). Right now for each Webflow form I need to create an extra Zap. However, as I’m using many Webflow forms, I want to avoid the need to create a new Zap for each single Webflow form. Instead, I’d like to use one Zap for all my Webflow forms.

The problem is that when I’m using “Webflow Form Submission” as trigger inside Zapier, then there is no “Custom” option available, see:

Anyone an idea how to include more than just one single Webflow form inside a Zap?

No one any idea? :pleading_face:
Maybe I need to explain further?

If Zapier limits you choice to one form per zap in the built in integration I think your only option would be to explore using webhooks and then filter on a value (a hidden field for example). Why not reach out to Zapier?