Mailerlite & Zapier (?)

I was using mail chimp but just switched to Mailerlite and it’s so confusing. I don’t think its possible to connect directly to webflow so I am trying to use Zapier. I want to add a pop up for emails subscribers, but I need to authenticate my domain with Mailerlite? It’s saying I need to create a CNAME and add stuff I can’t even see in the settings in webflow. (How To Verify And Authenticate Your Domain - MailerLite)

Has anyone done this, that can give me the steps. I been trying to do this for two days and I just cannot figure it out.

Thanks so much!

Let me know!

The best 3rd party Rest api integration with Webflow right now is with You can test it out without paying but using on your own domain.

Mailerlite is pretty straightforward, I find the admin UX simpler than Mailchimp.

Authenticating your domain is generally done when you want to send email from your own domain, and it’s generally is done in the DNS, not in Webflow.

If you’re just adding a popup subscriber form, you shouldn’t need domain verification for that integration. You shouldn’t need Zapier either unless you’re trying to build custom forms in Webflow and push the data to Mailerlite.