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Form submissions not readable in email

Hi All,

I seem to be having a strange issue with form submissions. They are documenting correctly in Webflow, however, when they are viewed in Gmail, the entered info does not appear. Instead, we are seeing this:


I’ve tried pointing to other email addresses with the same result.

Thanks for taking a look!

Here is my site Read-Only: Read Only

Actual Site

Webflow or any HTML forms don’t do that natively have you hooked up a zapier integration? The webflow form is just fields and they get stored on your account. To make that an actual email you need a third party integration like zapier.

While Zapier is a route, you can still get the form submissions via email.

In the project settings there will be a Forms section where you can enter a tag into the body element to include the data. There’s info next to it to explain the tags.


wow never have seen that in action. Is that covered in webflow univerisyt anywhere?

What a stupid mistake! I was combing through lines of custom code trying to figure out where I went wrong.

@iratefox Much appreciated!

@jbleroux I’ve used Zapier a bunch, however, the native Webflow push is enough for some clients.

It’ll usually look something like this:

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Thanks I forget to check updates all the time and since it wasn’t there when I started using webflow I never realized they added it.

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Here you go: Form submissions | Webflow University

Not sure if it’s been added at some point, but it’s been there in the 18 months I’ve used Webflow.

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I’m going on 5 years, I have to check things better before I answer next time. It looks like it’s been around a while .