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Setting up Zapier

Exported to outside server. Zapier does not notice my Email-Form. Any help would be appreciated. Also, if it comes down to submission first before linking Zapier… tried that too, unless you have something different. Do I need to purchase hosting service on Webflow before the forms or Zapier will work?

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You need to use a third party or local form processor for exported site forms to work. Your choice there will determine options for Zapier integration.

You should start here for more info ->

Everything did work. I would integrate MailChimp into the form and host elsewhere. But now nothing. Does not connect with MailChimp and does not connect to Zapier. Zapier does not notice my Form Mail

So I have 7 websites that use outside hosting. None of the websites forms work and when I use Zapier the field for Form Mail or whatever the name you give it doesn’t work. Has anybody had this happen? Does anybody know of a solution? Is there a preference I need to turn off or on? Do I need to hold my breath or stand on my head to get a response?

With external sites, there is no way to use a Zapier zap with webflow -> some other integration. If you use a third party form processor that has Zapier integration you would use that as your source.

So pick a form processor that already has Zapier integration.

I recommend you look at, since it has a free plan, works great with webflow forms, and supports Zapier.