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Form Action to non-supported Mail Services

Hey guys,

Since Webflow doesn’t integrate with my client’s mail service (MailerLite), I’m trying to do it myself.

Should it be as simple as pasting the Action URL into the Action field for the form?

When I do that, it just redirects to the MailerLite hosted signup form. :confused:

I’m trying to set this up, too. I’ve had to use Zapier in the past to hook it up, but that’s not ideal. I hope there is an easy way to do this like what can be done with the Action URL with Mailchimp. Anyone have any ideas?

To tack onto this, I’ve been in communication with the Mailerlite folks and I at least was able to get the form to submit and the test email is added to my list, but it still redirects to the MailerLite confirmation page. I’ll keep you posted if I find anything else out!

Here’s the overview video I sent to them, by the way:

— — —

In case it helps someone else get a viable answer, here’s what the ML folks said:

Seems like, there should be some area where you should add “hidden” value, so that subscriber stays on your page and isn’t redirected to our embed form.

Example from integration with genesis e-news plugin

I guess, it should be something similar in your case.


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Hi guys,

My client wanted to use Mailerlite as their ESP aswell so i’m wondering if anyone found a solution yet?

Also any cons on using zapier connection?

Zapier actually worked great for me integrating it with MailerLite on Webflow for another client, but for this project specifically, I’m just trying to avoid paying their $20/month fee since this side hustle project has a lot of traffic, but doesn’t make a lot of moolah yet.

However, I have been able to link up my MailerLite webhooks into a Webflow form and it submits the email properly, but it just forwards to the mailerlite confirmation page, which isn’t ideal (I’d prefer it just stays on the webflow page the form is on), but a workable workaround for now if that’s the only way it can be done.

Here’s how I did it. Hope it helps you!

  • Use Mailerlite’s action URL — // — as the overall form’s action URL, then set the method to POST
  • Name your email input field fields[email]
  • Put in an HTML embed inside the form and add <input type="hidden" name="ml-submit" value="1"> to it.
  • go into mailerlite’s form settings and edit the confirmation page accordingly (I just put a thank you and then a link to go back to the homepage)

I just switched to MailerLite, and only realized today the limitations with Webflow. Your solution is workable, but that redirect is not ideal :worried:

Has anyone else figured out how to integrate it with zapier? I can’t seem to get any results.

I also ended up using Zapier

@rchatterton why did you use Zapier instead of @adiggy 's method? Whas there any limitations to it? I’m planning on moving with MailerLite also using Webflow forms.

This worked perfectly…

And the missing piece for the Thank You page redirect is this…

You have to set it in the MailerLite form settings, and voila, you have your custom thank you page! :slight_smile:

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Oh… I see what you were saying. You wanted it to stay on the same page the form was submitted (with a simple success message).

We usually always have a Thank You page to fire the Facebook Pixel “Lead” event anyways.

Well, the solution for the custom thank you page is how I shared above. :slight_smile: (Which you also shared in your last bullet point).

Thanks a lot! Your message really helped!