Trouble with zapier instagram

I followed this video to the tee Build a CSS grid-based Instagram gallery — Webflow tutorial - YouTube
However I did not get the same result, the integration worked, but I’m only getting 1 photo instead of multiple. Does anyone have any idea why this not working?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Christopher_Nelson,
can you add a screenshot of your zapier task?


@MXI Hey thank you for the reply, I have posted my screen shots.

Hi @Christopher_Nelson,
as i thought your trigger is “as new media is posted to your account”…

This means as the name says, it will push the data only if new media is posted.
I think they say that in the turorial? So to make it 100% clear. You need to post new media to see actions. The one item you saw, is the test item from your manual test.


@MXI So the solutions is to post new content? is there a way to use older images and just replace them as new media appears?

@MXI Also, The img that is on the site now, is 3 days old, it’s not the newest img? The webflow trigger has me pick a,b,c,d,e,f,g…etc from IG
Not sure what part this has to play?

i think a,b c … is acutally the different posts. Maybe A is the newest and so on…
I have set it to the first post A and it is working perfect. It was a bit confusing at start, because no data was pulled. But as the time went on, and as i have posted more posts, the posts showed up in my collection.

I think you didnt choose A at the test action tab.

I searched for this quite a while, because the instagram posts will jam up my cms as time passes. But i didnt find a solution yet. If you find anything about this you can update us here in the forum :smiley:

I dont know how much you will post and so on how much collection items will be created monthly, but you should remember that the webflow cms plan has a collection items limit of 2000pcs. so i would just manually delete posts yearly.


This is what I have from zapier after trying to solve this problem

  1. We’re hitting an error when we try to send information to Webflow:
    The app returned “The collection structure changed since the last publish”.
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This suggests that something changed in the set up of your Webflow gallery and this would need to be adjusted first in Webflow and then by refreshing fields in the Zap editor and re-mapping your fields to make sure we’re able to send those images.

  1. You’ve mapped one image from Instagram, and not all of the images in the post. You can see those subsequent images in the children field in the data we’re getting from Instagram:

    (view larger)

So, only one image is being sent to the gallery at a time. From the video, it looks like the gallery is created one Instagram post at a time, so this should be working as the video expects. You’ll see the gallery come together as multiple Instagram posts go through the Zap.

If you’d like to do this with multiple images from each post, this should be possible but would require two Zaps as this Webflow action does not have line-item support, and the images are coming from Instagram in a line-item array. So, we’d need to send the list of images in that array to an app that can work with line-items and then send each image as it arrives at that app on to Webflow. I like Google Sheets for this, as it’s free and easy to use. So, your new workflow would look like this:

Zap 1
Trigger: Instagram > New Media Posted
Action: Google Sheets > Create Spreadsheet Row(s) (with line item support)

Zap 2
Trigger: Google Sheets > New Spreadsheet Row
Action: Webflow > Create Live Item

Can you please give that a try and see if that gets things working as you hoped? Please keep me posted if it doesn’t - I’m happy to take another look.



So I guess I have to do two zaps?

So I don’t actually know what the problem is. Do you get this error?
If yes, did you restore any backup of your site, because this can resolve in those kind of errors.
The workflow with 2 steps, works for instagram posts with 1 and more images. It is specifically for Multiimage posts. (If I got this wrong please correct me)
It will also work with 2 zaps but I don’t think that will solve your problem.


There asking me to add another zap which makes it no longer free

Ok! I found a solution! And that was to say F$%* Zapier and use a code snippet widget from lightwidget. It was $10 but that is just a one time fee as opposed to a reoccurring $20 a month.