Sending images from Airtable to Webflow CMS


I’ve just connected Airtable to send new records to a CMS Collection using Zapier and it works a treat - except for one thing - it won’t pull images from an Airtable record and send to the Image field in Webflow. I’ve tried this using the ‘Image File’ and ‘Image URL’ attributes but no dice. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

Im having the same issue mate.

Bummer :frowning: You know if it’s a bug? Have you ever been able to do it before?

Ive figured it out. You have to pick “Pic Thumbnails Full URL:http://whatever” in the image selector on air table and it seems to be working for me now

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Ah nice one, good job. I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

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I’ve been trying to use the full URL but I’m not able to send the image, did this route work for you @James_Thornton

No, that didn’t work for me either :frowning: I was gonna reach out to Airtable support/community but kinda gave up :stuck_out_tongue:

The full URL option seemed to work for me:

I was having the same problem.

@tim28’s solution works for me. Just select the URL field with the .png/.jpg at the end.

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Worked for me, thank you so much!

Hey everyone, I am able to make this work on some zaps and not others. For some reason the ‘attachment’ field type in Airtable doesn’t play nice with Webflow via Zapier.

Here is the URL I’m collecting from Airtable and passing into Zapier:

And this is the output / error:

The connection to the thumbnail image seems to get broken somewhere along the way.

Any ideas?

That link is broken. How do you / did you do this fix?

Not sure why Zapier’s failing there, but one option to consider is Whalesync’s Airtable x Webflow Sync.

You can add images to an Attachment field in Airtable and it will sync automatically (in real-time) to Webflow.

Anyone found luck with this?
I’m also hoping to sync images via Airtable using FinSweet’s NoBull…