Help I can't get my collection to show my instagram feed

I have used Zapier to link my Instagram account to webflow but I have tried showing my reels in the collection but it does not show my video when I try and take it from the collection. Maybe Zapier only works on photos or something but any help would be greatly appreciated. If you don’t know what I’m talking about there is a video on webflow university showing how to link Instagram with Zapier, I’ve used this setup but only changed the image field to a video field.

A few things-

First- Webflow seems to recognize Instagram reel URLs as valid, but doesn’t seem to actually complete the video import. You may need to check with Webflow and see if reels are supported.

i.e. I can paste this into a video feed, and I don’t get any errors, but nothing happens.

Second - It looks like your current Zap setup might not be detecting the right type of gram content ( image v. reel ) and delivering it to the right CMS field. In your case, you want video to go into Reels and images to go into Instafamous.

In your one CMS record, the /reel/ URL is in the Name fields, but not in the Reels field- but that could be due to Webflow’s inability to process the link properly ( the first issue ).

I’d contact Webflow support and find out if Reels are working as valid video content. If that’s all good, everything else should be a cakewalk.

Thank you, I have asked Webflow customer support if they support reels but they haven’t come back to me yet. It still does not work with all your suggestions but maybe Webflow customer support will help me with that.

Yes I suspect a bug. I understand that Webflow uses a 3rd party service provider to validate & parse the URLs and create the previews and Embed code.

Providers like YouTube are changing things all the time, so often changes are needed in that scraping process and for whatever reason, the processing of reels seems to be glitching.

Let support know and they’ll probably chase up the provider for that.

Keep me posted too, I’ll update my notes.

I have the same issue.
My Image Posts get to webflow via zapier. That works fine. Also, the Videos-Reels. I even made an automatic filter in Webflow between images and videos using the media type from instagram in zapier to distinguish between both links/media-types.

But the Video Link from Instragram doesn’t get recongnised by the video field in webflow:

A Quick Fix.

@Dit_Ben_Ik_Pouw and @memetican

I made a quick fix to this issue. There’s a thumbnail Image available when a reel gets posted.
Zapier allows you to grab this. I’m still waiting for the real video, but until then, I have two images with a filter (thumbnail or post-image). I used the Media Type to distinguish between the two. (Video oder nicht > Video or not. The Media Type gives you a Text: VIDEO or IMAGE. So this field can be used as a filter.

If Zapier and Webflow use the Basic Instagram API - reels aren’t supported. Could this be a reason, why instagram videos can’t be used in webflow?

I should have renamed my Webflow Collection Items to Instagram ID instead of Caption. But that’s a minor…

See Zapier/webflow as reference.

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OMG thank you! That worked!