Zapier Form Submission to Constant Contact Help

Hi Everyone,

I have a zapier connection set up that pulls data from a form submission and creates a new contact in constant contact. However, while the test worked on zapier’s end, i can’t seem to get the actual form on webflow to work. i believe it may be a problem with the submit button, i don’t believe i have it set up correctly. The action is (webflow default) and the Method is GET. How should I set up the action so that the email goes through the webhook? Greatly appreciate the help.

Hi @zurlee,

You shouldn’t need any webhook if you are using Zapier. You just need to connect your webflow form with zapier to then connect to Constant Contact.

Ok well I have everything connected and I still do not receive a new contact when testing through the form, here are my submit button settings:

Hi @zurlee, could you post your public share link? That would help us debug this more quickly :slight_smile: thanks!

Hi @zurlee,

It doesn’t look like anything is wrong with your form. It sounds like there is a connection issue in your Zapier setup to be honest. If you can take some screenshots of those or even a video that would help us better.