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Integrate Constant Contact with Webflow Form

I am unable to find an easy solution to using a webflow form, to send a new contact -to- constant contact. Wondering if we can use the push method, basically how mailchimp push method was used on Any help would be awesome!!!

Nitty Gritty:
Share link of the project we are doing: (subscription form can be found near the bottom)

Side note, yes we have tried Zapier, but it is unable to pull the form names from webflow :<
screencast shows the issue we ran into

Code from the constant contact signup form that may prove to be useful for id’s?
embeded it on this page:

Hi @904TECHNOLOGY thank you so much for posting this!

The reason why the form name is not showing up is because there is no test data to pull from.

Just go to your form page and submit a test form submission.

Thereafter, try setting up the Zap again and you should be able to pull in that form data now.

Hope that this is helpful, please let me know if you have any additional questions :bowing_man:

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man, in the end it was so simple. That was all it took!!! Thank you!!!

Good to close this topic now :>

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