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Has anybody tried integrating Constant Contact with Webflow with Zapier? I was able to establish a successful integration. However, I’m unable to map all of the fieds in my form created in Constant Contact.

I created some custom fields in my inline form in Constant Contact, such as “Project Type”, “Estimated Start Date” and “Message”. However, when creating the Zap in Zapier, I see the data fields, but I don’t see the field titles to map them appropriately. Is this an issue with custom fields in Constant Contact? Any ideas on how I could make this work (maybe without Zapier?)?

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Which way are you trying to integrate, someone submits a webflow form and that gets sent to constant contact or a constant contact form gets sent to webflow? In both cases, have you submitted the form once while building the zap? Zapier needs a form to be submitted while you’re testing to pull that data to map.

On form submission, I want Webflow to send information to Constant Contact to create a contact. Yes, tested both ways, but the issue is that “Custom Fields” are not showing up when I configure the Zap in Zapier.

@hogutier hmm, that’s usually a pretty straightforward zap. When you submitted the form on webflow’s end, did you do this while building the zap? That might just be the key, that it has to come through while the zap is set up. If that’s not the case, could you share some screenshots so we can take a look?

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