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Zapier Connection Error (401)

Hey guys,

thanks for your time beforehand, I appreciate it.

We are trying to set up a dashboard for our webflow site which we have connected to Memberstack. Together with Zapier and Airtable we have been trying to create a memberspecific dashboard for our users, following a Youtube tutorial of Mackenzie Child ((5 of 7) Setting up mark as complete functionality in our membership site - YouTube). Everything worked so far, only when it comes to a Webhook, which is supposed to send data back from Airtable to our CMS Collection in Webflow we get an "Status Code 401 Unauthorized" error in Zapier. So it seems like Webflow is not granting that data access. According to Zapier, however, the connection is just fine and everything between Zapier and Webflow has been working before, so that’s really confusing us.
We already tried to fix the issue:

  • We already reconnected the apps but nothing changed
  • We even upgraded to the Webflow Businness plan (for form file uploads), still no change
  • We made sure that “Restrict uploaded file access” is deactivated in Webflow, still not working

If any of you has any idea, we would so grateful! Thank you,