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Zapier Webhook PATCH: Validation Error: Invalid request body

I’ve followed Mackenzie Child’s tutorial on creating a Webflow membership program using Zap and custom webhook to populate the member CMS collection with the videos they’ve marked as watched. I’ve followed the tutorial exactly, double checked my work, looked at multiple forums and tried multiple solutions but I somehow keep getting the same ValidationError.

Here’s my Zap:

And here’s the Webflow Collection it is linked to:

I’ve used Postman to verify the multi-reference field name, which is why I’ve changed this to “completed-videos-3” in the data. I’ve used Memberstack and Airtable to store member data and all previous zaps seem to be firing fine, it’s just this final webhook that I’m having problems with. Furthermore, when I originally set up the webhook 3 months ago it was working fine, I don’t understand why it isn’t working anymore.

Here’s the read-only link to my webflow site: Webflow - Training Platform

Any help is greatly appreciated and a massive thanks in advance.

SOLUTION: Webhook PATCH: Validation Error: Invalid request body | Zapier Community

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