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Custom Zapier WebHooks, 400 Error. Updating Live CMS Items

I was following Mackenzie Child’s video tutorial #5 on how to create unique members with custom dashboards and it was all going well until the live updates of CMS items through webhooks.

I followed everything to the letter and got all successful Zapier tests leading up to the webhook step. I also looked on another forum thread where it went over the same problem link here yet the responses were a bit unclear and inconclusive on what fixed the issue.

@ MackenzieChild
Any clarification on this 400 error code from Zapier would be so helpful for many of us trying to follow in your footsteps!

Thank you!

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Hi @esuarez2, thanks for your post.

One thing to check is that if you also have your Webflow staging domain published, that the staging domain and the custom domain are in sync, this can be done by doing a full publish of both the staging domain and custom domain.

If you are tryingt to update single item updates, then you would need to keep the staging domain and published domain in sync.

Alternatively, you can unpublish the staging domain and keep only the custom domain published. That is the next thing to check if you have not done so already.

What is the entire body of the 400 error response from Webflow? Usually, the message explains clearly what the problem is.

Another solution, since your data is in Airtable, is to use PowerImporter to automatically upload your data to Webflow. That might be a simpler solution than fighting with Zapier webhooks.