Zapier+CMS (404) Error - advice needed

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I have trouble with Zapier+CMS this morning, and get this message:

We had trouble sending your test through. Please try again. Error: returned (404) Not Found and said “Collection not found: null”

The Collection seems to be ok and connected.
What am I getting wrong?


Hi @gnamouric

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I can’t help you with this one personally, but am going to recategorize it slightly into the CMS+API category for more specific help.

Hey hey

Did you find a solution for this? I have the exact same problem at the moment…

Would be glad if someone could tell how to fix that.

@Schuschi_Eyes did you publish the collection? I haven’t tried connection zapier to webflow collections so I can’t say for sure but republishing might work? I have connected a webflow form and I needed to submit the form first before it worked. This could be similar? Have you added a collection item since creating the zap?


Hey @sarahfrison
Thanks for the answer. Yes the collection was published.

After a long time just trying all options out in Zapier I found a way to get it to work. The problem is, I don’t know what exactly the problem was.
I tried some Zap-recommendations that were shown on my dashboard. When I tried the Zap called “Add Webflow CMS items (like blog posts) from new rows in a Google Sheet” it worked after a few tries.

If someone is interested in the setting that worked for me to connect Google Sheet to Webflow, I can send some screenshots.

@Schuschi_Eyes did you add the collection item ID to the zap? That could be the cause. This livestream by @rileyrichter from a while ago shows you how to do that

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@sarahfrison No thats not the exact way I did it. Do you have a timestamp for the live stream? I couldn’t find the section in the video where he uses the item ID…
Here are some screenshots how my Zap looks like:

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@Schuschi_Eyes the ITEM ID section starts at 36.20, he goes back to it an about 50mins in. I can’t say for sure but that often seems to be the issue when adding a collection item.

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