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Youtube video modestbranding

Hello flowers,

I can’t find the way to set my youtube video element with modestbranding on and it’s color to white.
Is there an option in the UI I missed, or is there a way to do it via custom code?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @Philemon

Not sure what modestbranding is :smile: but from what I see is something related to the YT logo right? Removing the YT logo?

Here’s some info >

More >

and more >

Hope this helps. Try using the methods described in the posts and if you still hitting the wall reach out :webflow_heart:

Thanks for the Help Piter!

I kind of found the same infos, but the parameter showinfo was disabled in september 18, and modestbranding doesn’t accomplish much. On top of that when copied in webflow youtube block, it removes any parametersin the link and keep only the video source link. So i guess i’ll have to find somewhere else to host it to have a not branded player.

I was just hoping maybe Webflow had another tip regarding custom video player, but I understood in another topic that vimeo and youtube are convenient because they generate every formats for every devices. Reson why webflow doesn’t have it’s own video player.

Le dim. 17 févr. 2019 à 08:05, Piter Dimitrov via Webflow Forums a écrit :

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Official docs. Read about the relationship between color and modestbranding (white color will disable modestbranding).


This parameter lets you use a YouTube player that does not show a YouTube logo. Set the parameter value to 1 to prevent the YouTube logo from displaying in the control bar. Note that a small YouTube text label will still display in the upper-right corner of a paused video when the user’s mouse pointer hovers over the player.


This parameter specifies the color that will be used in the player’s video progress bar to highlight the amount of the video that the viewer has already seen. Valid parameter values are red and white , and, by default, the player uses the color red in the video progress bar. See the YouTube API blog for more information about color options.

Note: Setting the color parameter to white will disable the modestbranding option.

Thanks for the help, indeed it’s not possible to combine them, and modestbranding doesn’t really hide anything, I’ve red theses docs.
My question was, how to apply any of theses parameters (thinking about having “rel=0” too) on a webflow youtube player element.

Very simple - any parameter yet support by webflow UI - add manually:

This link will help you to generate the correct link:

Change parameters -

Than click her:

copy paste

Last copy the src and only the src (without the iframe HTML + without " " - webflow already handle this for you)


I really appreciate your effort, but I mentioned earlier, when I past the link in the video settings in webflow, the parameters disappear, they get cut off more precisely.

works fine. Maybe you do wrong copy-paste:

Please attach the code you trying to paste + Maybe try to work on chrome incognito

I’m getting an error in webflow UI


When I paste this link as video source:

Maybe this video is private? Video with id of BPTc1y-iamE is not available (This is not related to webflow).

Example for ID:

thanks for your help, indeed the video was private, modified it to public.

Yet still get the invalid URL error when I paste


and no error with original link:

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Also get some errors in console on the publish :

with just original link :

@Philemon - Just in case you missed it…

The video element currently uses the api to make it easy for users to add a video to a page, RTF, or collection. There are limits to what display options you can change after you add the video. See the link above.

What do you do if you need more display options? Use an HTML embed.

Also get some errors in console on the publish :

Those are most likely the result of an adblocker running in your browser.

Hope this helps.

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