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Youtube White titles on Videos

Hello, does anyone have a fix for removing the white titles on youtube videos? I have tried adding the code’?showinfo=0’ to the end of each video URL but web flow just ignores it and still displays the title? Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks

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Hi, still having this issue if anybody can offer any help? Thanks

If you want to use attributes in YT urls, use a custom code widget instead of a video widget, and paste the full YT embed code into it.

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Hi, I am looking in to this option now, thanks

Hi @WFHelp_FF, can you help to share the link to the YT video having the tiles? I would probably suggest to use the option that @vincent gave, as it is not possible to control the videos attributes using the built in Widget

Another option is to use the YouTube Iframe player api to load your videos and control video attributes via javascript:

I hope this helps!


Hi I have done an example to show the white text over the youtube video. It is the video title. Our video titles are very long titles and are cut off at a certain point. Ideally I don’t want the titles to feature at all on the youtube screen as we have the title for the video below where my example states ‘Test Text’.


When you grab the embed code from youtube, make sure you leave the third box unchecked;

“show video title and player actions”…

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Hi AlanBorger. Is this only possible if using the specific embed code in an iframe as opposed to using the pre built video widget?


Yep. Not possible with how Webflow shows videos, at the moment.

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Thanks, I will try the iFraming method.

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